We are  45north - Andre, bass guitar - Ed, electric guitar - Jean, trumpet - Paul, keys - Ralph, sax - tba drums

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Upcoming gigs:  

December 11 - 4pm at the Record Centre, 1099 Wellington St - This performance will be broadcast live on CKCU, 93.1fm as part of the Swing Is In The Air program that day - be there live or tune in live!

December 17 - 9.15 at Fatboys Smokehouse, 34 Murray St $5 cover

December 20 - 9.30 at Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray St 

Recent gig:  Sept, 2016 - Les Brasseurs du Temps - we had a great time playing to a full house

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NEW -  recordings of 45north added below

45north    band

45north band is a 6-piece band - trumpet, sax, piano, guitar, bass and drums.  We perform a great repertoire of dance and party tunes that include lots of great jazz tunes along with many well known pop/rock/folk tunes by Canadian artists from the 1960's to today that we do in our own crowd pleasing style.

Contact Ralph Hopper for booking information or general inquiries:                                     email  phone: 613-833-3509 

45north is:  Ralph Hopper, sax/guitar/voc; Jean Trudel, trumpet/flugel; Ed Stevens, guitar; Paul O'Connor, keyboards/vocals; Andre Van Schyndel, bass/voc; tba drums

As Canada and Ottawa get ready to celebrate Canada's 150 anniversary, 45north is a band that has a specialized tune list for all parties and events. 

There will be much more information posted here over the next several weeks but for now, as we get ready to party like it's 2017, here's a partial listing of our tunes:

A sample listing of tunes by Canadian artists that forms a core of our repertoire:

    • Flip Flop Fly     by Downchild Blues Band
    • Dissfunktion     by Manteca
    • Honeydew Harbour     by David Restivo [Toronto]
    • Big Yellow Taxi - Both Sides Now - Free Man In ParisRaised On Robbery   by Joni Mitchell
    • Four Strong Winds     by Ian Tyson [Ian and Sylvia]
    • First We Take Manhattan     by Leonard Cohen
    • Undun and These Eyes     by Guess Who
    • Pretty Lady  -  One Fine Morning  -  Sunny Days     by Lighthouse [Toronto]
    • Swinging Shepherd Blues     by Moe Koffman
    • Fissure       by Snaggle [Toronto]
    • Cowboy Bebop     by David Braid, a raucous funky jazz tune
    • Our Cloud Nine     by David Braid [Toronto]
    • Stanstill      by Mike Murley [Toronto]
    • Blue Jeans     by Rob Lussier [Ottawa], an original jazz blues tune
    • Doin’ it Right  and  Swami Swing  and  Boppin' With The Blues     by Powder Blues  
    • See The Light    by Jeff Healey        
    • Something to talk about       by Shirley Eikhard [perf by Bonnie Raitt] 
    • The Maker           by Daniel Lanois   
    • St. Elmo's Fire     by David Foster
    • Hockey Night in Canada theme arranged by Jean Trudel [Ottawa]
    • Intrada      by Alan Matheson [Vancouver]
    • The Smudge     by Oscar Peterson
    • I've Seen A Little       by Alan Doyle [Great Big Sea]

And, if you want to dance all night, we have a great list of other jazz, pop, Latin, funk and rock tunes that will keep everyone on the dance floor.  Click here to contact me for information, available dates and rates.

Here's the first recordings we have.  These are short versions of 45north performing 'Blue Jeans', an original tune written by Rob Lussier who is from Ottawa;   'Dissfunktion', by Manteca from their  CD 'Onward';   the great party tune 'Flip Flop Fly' by Downchild Blues Band;  and the great Joni Mitchell tune 'Raised On Robbery'.

Blue Jeans performed by 45north .mp3

Honeydew Harbour performed by 45north.MP3

Dissfunktion web mix performed by 45north.mp3

Raised on Robbery performed by 45north.mp3

Stanstill performed by 45north in head.MP3

Flip Flop Fly performed by 45north.mp3

Our gig at BDT, Sept 2016

Here are a few short clips to give you an idea about other tunes we play - these are not us but we will have our own recordings posted as soon as we can.

Fissure by Snaggle.mp3

Intrada by Alan Matheson short edit.mp3

Cowboy Bebop short edit sample.mp3

Pretty Lady Short edit sample.mp3

Big Yellow Taxi short edit sample.mp3

Doin' It Right short edit sample.mp3

Swami Swing short edit sample.mp3

 Ralph Hopper, Ottawa, Ontario, K4C1B8  


Ottawa [city hall] lies at Latitude  45.42N and Longitude  75.69W   -  so, being based in Ottawa we shortened that up a bit and decided 45north worked as our band name  

Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1